People lose a lot of sleep over the definition of AI — of what it is and what it isn’t. Below is one view. You may very well disagree. I’m not overly bothered. I’ve written this in part so that by the end of reading it you won’t be either.

Rommel Davila at Unsplash

The figure below portrays one way to think about this. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning which is itself a subset of AI. Data science often makes use of machine learning techniques, but is usually quite distinct from AI in terms of its objectives and its outputs.

Right now there are a few other macro-preoccupations that deserve our attention. Nonetheless, whilst we’re busy dealing with these, AI advancement proceeds apace. Here’s six reasons why each of us should give a fig.

Roman Ivaschenko at Dreamstime

  1. AI will permeate and enhance more and more of our daily lives

AI already plays a central behind the scenes role in our lives. I’m not about to rattle off some futuristic day-in-the-life. The future is already here.

When you wake-up, you may find yourself instructing…

Tariq Khatri

Perspectives on the strategic, socio-economic and existential impacts and implications of AI. For practitioners and non-practitioners alike.

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